The Neverending Night.

Long ago, there was a bold band of adventurers. They had heard of a sorceror who was attempting to end the world. He had only managed to remove day from the world before one of the adventurers, a paladin, came and struck him down. Little did they know that the sorceror had merely cast his soul from his body, living in solitude…waiting…waiting for the day when he could return to his body and end the world. Five thousand years passed, but he had grown patient. Then suddenly, he rose one night and realized…it was time. The adventurers had died long ago, but their descendants lived on. Slowly, his fleshless skeleton rose from the ground. It was time…for revenge.


So that’s the story, and the players are the descendants of the adventurers long past. The mission in this story is to find the SoulGem and capture the sorcerors soul within it, then cast it into the Abyss.

The Neverending Night